A DevOps Journey - The beginning
avatarÈve-Lyne Marion
December 10, 2020

The first time I heard the word DevOps was years ago with former colleagues during a night out. After the usuals questions: “Where are you at ?”, “What do you do ?” and “Who are you working for ?” I heard the big question: “Are you DevOps ?”.


At the time, it was explained to me like a person. A developer who is also an Ops. This wrong explanation did not pique my interest at that time. However, today I now realize how much I was wrong to think so.

I remember when we started questioning ourselves. It was so frustrating, because even if we were (and still are) an Agile team, we put emphasis on code quality, we had continuous integration and deployment automations in place, something was still wrong. Our velocity was still not good enough. The user stories were way too complex which caused endless branches. We love our colleagues, but infinite code review is a big


Then, DevOps finally made sense to me. My team and I started to study the DevOps movement from A to Z. We love the DevOps theory. It’s so logical to us, developers, as we love logic. So the next morning you tell yourself: “For now on, we are DevOps !”


Quickly we got dizzy.

  • Do small stories
  • OK
  • No, smaller !
  • Again ?! OK...
  • Still not small enough
  • 😐
  • Setup CI/CD for front-end too
  • Ok done. Wait, it’s not working ? Now, it does ! Yeah ! Why is it sooooo long to run ?
  • Our front-end’s acceptance tests take too long…
  • Maybe our front-end’s acceptance tests do too much ? (Stay tuned 😉)
  • As soon as your feature is done, deploy it in prod.
  • Wait, WHAT ? 😱

After hitting a wall, we asked ourselves even more questions. It came evident the chunk was too much for us to swallow at once. What do we prioritize ? What is important for us ? And what about you ?

Today, we prioritized. We know where we are going and what our next steps are. We started speculating about IT in 2020. How do the CEO/CTO, Tech Lead/Team Lead and Developer see it ? Speculating is cool, but we stayed answerless. Our curiosity overcame us which led to the following survey about who asks about your current IT concerns.

Answer it in large numbers !

Thank you
avatarÈve-Lyne Marion
December 10, 2020
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